03 May 2011

Today on WVLK: what women want

Today I'm scheduled to appear on WVLK's Kruser and Krew show at 1pm ET to share the findings of my exhaustive research on what women want.  You should be able to listen in by clicking this link.

I'm grateful to my client, Alltech, for asking me to conduct this "research" and to the women who answered my questions on this topic. If you're wondering, yes I do see the irony in a man explaining what women want.

I did most of the work for this on Twitter.  And here's a sample of who responded to my inquiries - it's not everybody but it's a pretty impressive group.  Most, though not all, are moms:

So tune in and offer a question or a thought or two.  I'm @dwescott1 on Twitter.



Alison said...

I'll chime in here since I'm never on the Twitter anymore: I want male politicians to stop trying to legislate what I can and can't do with my body. No uterus? No say.

PunditMom said...

The good news is this -- when we take over the world, we've got your back. ;)