Female Role Models

From "The Top Ten Traits of a Female Role Model"
I have written a number of posts that feature female role models I think deserve more attention. Typically I name a few when I notice a man saying or doing something profoundly sexist.  We spend a lot of time tearing people down, but I don't think we spend enough time celebrating people who serve as a good example for young people.  Take a look at the posts to learn about these amazing people and what they do.

FMR I: Amira Al Hussaini, Sheril Kirshenbaum, Joanne Bamberger, Catherine Connors
FMR II: Alana Shaikh, Maria Surma Manka, Kelly Wickham
FMR III: Julie Marsh, Cat Laine, Christina McMenemy, Tanis Miller
FMR IV: Kelli Best Oliver, Jeanne Garbarino, Karen Walrond, Leah Peterson, Emily Zaler
FMR V: Jenny Lawson, Kristen Chase, Krystal D'Costa, Rachael Herrscher
FMR VI: Liz Gumbinner, Danielle Lee, Maryn McKenna, Katherine Stone
FMR VII: Emily Willingham, Nuvia Crisol Guerra, Carmen Staicer, Sloan Martin
FMR VIII: Stefania Pomponi Butler, Cassandra Pye, Anne Osterrieder, Veronica Arreola
FMR IX: Christine Koh, Carolina Valencia, Kate Clancy, Stephanie Himel-Nelson
FMR X: Emily Finke, Carrie Mess, Heather Barmore, Cecily Kellogg
FMR XI: Gina Trapani, Zerlina Maxwell, Andrea Kuszewski, Darlene Cavalier
FMR XII: Cristina Escobar, Monique Frausto, Karen James, Kimberly Bryant
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