26 April 2011

Great, no pressure

So I'm giving a talk next month in Kentucky.  Nothing too out of the ordinary there, right? Lots of PR folks give lots of presentations in lots of places.

Except this talk is called "What Women Want" and I'm supposed to go on local radio next week to talk about it. So I'm doing exhaustive research on the topic, using the most sophisticated tools and approaching the most credible sources.  Here's a glimpse of the sheer genius I've unearthed:

Make sure you tune in to the live online stream on May 3 at 1pm...  And may @almightygod have mercy on my soul. 

1 comment:

Barefoot Doctoral said...

Okay, I can't resist. Have you tried asking Chaucer? The wife of Bath has some interesting thoughts on the issue.

Seriously though, good luck. This'll be tough.