26 April 2011

A #scimom update

I am enormously grateful for all of the posts people have contributed to #scimom and I've learned a lot from reading those posts. For those just joining us, #scimom is something of a "double blog-meme" that tries to build bridges between people who blog about science and people who blog about parenting.  You can learn how to participate by reading this post.

While I won't say the impact has been huge, I will say there are a few people reading some blogs that were new to them - and I think the sense of community among some of those writers and readers has increased a bit.  That's more than anyone could hope for.  I'm also glad we introduced some people to Darlene Cavalier's Science For Citizens.

We've had posts from moms who aren't scientists like Catherine and Thea and Carmen and Christina. We've had posts from moms who ARE scientists like Jeanne and Anne and Janet.  We've had posts from scientists who aren't moms like Sheril and Jade and Jason.  I've gotten such a kick out of watching people share and forward #scimom posts on Twitter, and the feedback has been very rewarding.  Further, the range of perspectives has been so impressive.  We've even gotten a couple of posts from people who explain why motherhood is not a choice they're making - I honestly didn't expect that, but I think it's an important viewpoint that deserves to be included as well.

I'm going to keep this thing going for a little while longer to see if anyone else has thoughts to share.  So my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has participated and my warm invitations to anyone who wants to play along!

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