12 April 2010

yes, I'm still here

Work has really picked up in the past couple of weeks, so posting has been light and will probably continue to be light for a little while, but I have some big things brewing with some science and mom blogging pals. Meantime, here are some places to go to get some brain food:

NYT has a piece on anonymous posting of comments to news stories. Seems they're just figuring this out.

I can't begin to explain how disappointed I am in the way the Catholic Church has addressed the issue of shielding abusive priests. Or rather, how they've failed to address this issue. Take it from a PR guy - the worst possible way to address a problem is to think about the PR first and the problem second. Now they're stuck in the position of opposing legislation like this.

Congratulations to Walter Jessen on his new position - computational biologist at Covance in Indianapolis. I'll bet 99 people out of 100 don't know what a computational biologist does, but it's important. (Actually, I'm kind of hoping he'll explain it on his blog - you know, for the lay public.)

I met Jessen at ScienceOnline 2010. Smart guy.

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