19 April 2010

yes, I'm still here part II

some travel plans got axed at the last minute but I'm still a bit swamped. I'm a bit behind on some collaborations and I'll get to them as soon as I can. So here's the condensed version of my work/social media/blogging thoughts from the past week:
  • This blog looks too cluttered and I need a re-design, thinking about moving to Wordpress. I like the template Joanne has at PunditMom - it's clean and well-organized
  • Every time I write about a lousy email pitch sent by a junior PR flack, a small piece of my soul dies
  • I'm growing more confident that simply putting the words "big boobs" in a blog post will get you more traffic
  • The ideas percolating with the science bloggers will take some time to develop but they are gonna be excellent
  • Too many people have cancer and that really has to stop now.
Oh, and a simple diversion for everyone.

1 comment:

Thea said...

Way to take the high road, Big Boobs-wise, and looking forward to the science blogging reveal!

And sorry that cancer is all up in your grill. Soon, I'll have news about money raised at http://cancerisanasshole.com/ (teaser: good news), and would love any thoughts that spring to mind about making it a better/more useful site.