21 April 2010

Hurry While Supplies Last!

I'm probably just going to throw everything over to WordPress soon - blogger just can't seem to give me the elements and layout I want.  But enough about that - Thursday is Earth Day.

Forty years ago Earth Day was about teaching and learning.  Today, it seems Earth Day is about buying and selling.   I'm not exactly sure how that happened.  There's nothing wrong with "buying green" - it's actually a very good thing.   But I'm pretty sure the people who started this thing were not hoping for a new round of consumption.  They were trying to educate people on the consequences of their actions.

Here's one thing we could learn about - my pal Jeff wrote a great piece about stray animals and sustainability.

The Gang of Four is getting together soon to talk about Earth Day, what it has become, and how it might get its groove back.   Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Cristie Ritz King said...

Amen. I have had a hard time writing about Earth day because I'm finding myself annoyed by it-like it's the new Valentine's Day. I couldn't figure out why. You figured it out for me. Thanks.
Now I'll go back to attempting to live the earth-conscious life I strive for more than one day a year.