07 July 2008

I'm It

It's summer and the blog memes are running wild - I've been tagged by Mark Story and Patrick Micka. I guess I'll bite on the link bait. Here's my answers to Mark's questions. Answers to Patrick will come soon...

4 things I like about summer: spending time with my wife and son outdoors, the red sox, grilling, and the tomatoes, basil & peppers we're growing in the backyard

4 favorite vacation destinations: the Amalfi Coast, the Outer Banks, San Francisco, and Fenway Park

4 favorite summer foods: grilled cubano burgers, grilled zucchini, sliced & grilled yukon gold potatoes covered with olive oil, parmesan cheese, black pepper & scallions, & grilled corn on the cob

4 concerts not to miss: dixie chicks - say what you will about their politics but they're amazing live, norah jones, U2 and Bruce Springsteen (never saw him live but everyone swears by it)

4 things to avoid during the summer: drunk rednecks with fireworks, bugs that bite, the emergency room & salmonella

I'll try to tag blogs I haven't linked to before, and apologize in advance if they're not into this sort of thing:

Brad Levinson (his new blog, not the beta stage)
Preston Koerner (same thing)
Chris Baskind (not sure if this is his thing, but we'll see

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