03 July 2008

Business Lexington is On The Air

My favorite publication in Lexington is back on the air. You can see all the features at the Smiley Pete TV YouTube Channel. I thought I'd share this feature on the documentary, "Two Million Minutes."

I share Tom Martin's appreciation for the irony in the fact that the day Two Million Minutes was screened in Lexington, the city council voted down a proposal from the mayor to create a public-private partnership that established a scholarship program for local kids who want to study Science, Technology, Engineering or Math in college. When one considers this on top of the state legislature's terribly short-sighted cuts in higher education (this was also published in Business Lexington), you can see that we're going in the wrong direction here.

The folks at Business Lexington and Mayor Jim Newberry really get it - investment in STEM education is critical to the future of the city and the commonwealth. I'm shocked more people don't see this.

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