08 July 2008

Seven Million Songs

I got tagged by Patrick Micka asking me for seven songs that are influencing me right now. To be perfectly honest, the only songs I'm listening to are the ones that help the baby sleep, and I try to keep baby stuff relatively private, or at least off this blog because it's supposed to be all social media and stuff like that. Music just doesn't rank on the priority list. Sorry.

Yes, I'm lame, I know.

I'm not going to just cop out on this, however. Last February Tech Crunch provided a rundown of social media /music sharing sites. I've used Pandora and Finetune. They're squarely in the "if you like that, you might like this" category that is designed to build an actionable and potentially profitable marketing profile of your tastes, but they also have some interesting social features. My Pandora stuff can be found on my FriendFeed stream, but for some reason Finetune isn't there. I think you'll find seven artists there I think are innovative and interesting, and the way those tools work, I can hear something new every day. So I'll see your seven songs and raise you seven million.

OK, so I'll pass this on to Mark, Maria, Chris, Kyle, Erika, Valerie and Chag.

I just started reading Chag's Cynical Dad and let's just say this post really resonated with me. Plus he has "song of the day" at the end of his posts so he could probably rattle off a list.


KFFBOS said...

Oh man...this is going to be a tough one, but I'll get to it, I promise!


Faleiry said...

I started off with Pandora a couple of years ago, but now they have turned it into an enclosed platform purely for US users - so they kicked me out...

Since I had to move on, I discovered last.fm which is simply amazing and way better than Pandora ever was. Same principle, but more artists (also foreign bands), a better compilation of similar songs and they even show you dates of gigs and events near your place :o)

Last.fm rocks! \m/

Maria Surma Manka said...

Songs that inspire me? How about "Low" by flo rida? Not exactly a demand for social change but it'll certainly get me out on the dance floor.

For true inspiration though, I do dig anything by the Indigo Girls.