05 March 2008

Sifting through the returns...

Tuesday was another successful night for Virtual Vantage Points and for our twitter stream, @Campaign2008. The blog actually went down for a while during the evening, but we still saw a decent amount of traffic head that way, and Twitter actually did really well. I'm very grateful that Scott McClellan agreed to headline the blogging team. We had a lot of people tweeting and blogging away, and everyone did a great job. Our goal is to be a resource for people who want breaking political news and analysis from top minds online, and I think we're on our way.

I also want to thank Joshua Levy at TechPresident and Chantelle Oliver at The Walrus for giving Virtual Vantage Points a shout-out.

We're going to continue to blog and tweet throughout the campaign season. I hope people will continue to give us feedback and support.

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