06 March 2008

Protesting Facebook... ON Facebook

I've written I don't know how many times about Facebook's clearly wrong decision to keep "pro-anorexia" groups there, despite the growing body of evidence and medical opinion that these sites are harmful. My latest post yielded a comment from "Lauren":
This article inspired me to create a "Ban Pro Ana/Mia Profiles and Groups on Facebook" group. It only has eight members right now, but I'm hoping it will end up making a difference.
I checked it out, and wouldn't you know it, Lauren is now pushing 40 members. Yeah, I joined the group.

I like the idea of using Facebook to protest Facebook. I just think it's more constructive than walking away. Sadly, Facebook still isn't listening to this group (admittedly still small but growing, and more importantly, right on the merits) or many other protest groups, but if enough users speak up I do think they'll ultimately revisit the issue and change their position.

So congrats and thanks to Lauren for leading the issue!

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