03 March 2008

Following @Campaign2008 on Twitter...

We've decided to take our work with Twitter and our Virtual Vantage Points blog on Super Tuesday to the next level, so I hope you'll join me in following @Campaign2008.

While we're not hosting a live event (like we did in NYC on Super Tuesday) or live-blogging per se, we're putting together an impressive roster of people who will give some thoughts on what to look for before the polls close Tuesday night in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island, and reaction to results the next morning. Throughout the night we'll be live-tweeting results and interesting side stories as they come up, and we'll be linking back to the commentary on VVP. This is a much more sustainable model over the course of a campaign.

I'm also very excited that former White House spokesman Scott McClellan is taking part in this as well. APCO announced his arrival a couple of weeks ago, and I think it's great he's going to try all this blogging and social media stuff with us. We may have a few more big names to add to the roster as well.

We've decided to switch out "SuperTuesday" for Campaign2008 because we expect to provide tweets and links as the campaign goes through November, and SuperTuesday was really intended to be a one-time event. So I've been spending some time pinging and inviting folks who follow me and who follow SuperTuesday, as well as some other notables in the social media world, asking them to follow Campaign2008. Twitter's been a bit kludgy for me and keeps re-setting, so I don't know if I've sent more than one invite to everyone. (I know I did in at least one case.) So if you've gotten more than one invite or email I'm really sorry about that.

Bottom line, I think this is how political analysis, updates and commentary will be done in the future. We'll have a place for our own thoughtful commentary - a blog - but we'll also have a place to share information quickly and get a real-time response and have a conversation with a self-selecting community.

While we'll never completely replace the talking heads on TV, groups of informed and experienced people will gather in social media channels where everyone gets to be part of the discussion. The campaign will go on for months, and we now have a couple of channels to both share our points of view, and more importantly, hear back from everyone else.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday and beyond.

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