06 February 2008

Tuesday Really Was Super

Sorry this post is a bit late - storms last night knocked out power and actually deposited a huge chunk of our neighbor's roof in our front yard. However, the show must go on...

It was a great night for the bipartisan (and bi-coastal) team at Virtual Vantage Points. First, our "headline" contributors for the evening - Cassandra Pye, Craig Fuller, and Ambassador Marc Ginsberg - provided some outstanding content throughout the night, even well after the polls had closed in California. Second, we were able to serve as a valuable resource to people trying to get the latest information on results through our Twitter feed, SuperTuesday. That feed really engaged people who were interested in the primaries and drew them into a larger discussion, both on Twitter and on the VVP blog. Finally, we had a chance to look at political discussions coming from several state bloggers, and even from some of the online communities one wouldn't necessarily think of as inherently "political" - moms, environmentalists, and so on.

As one would expect, last night the VVP blog got a surge in traffic and inbound links (including one from a "top 20" blog, Read Write Web), and the Twitter feed had over 600 followers for a good chunk of the evening. While I expect some drop-off, I hope that people had a chance to see some of the great content the VVP team cranks out. Bill Pierce has another great post there today about health policy.

Last night was a huge team effort even beyond the headlining authors - everyone did a great job. (I'd mention them all by name but don't currently have permission to do so. I hope to soon.)

As for the election results, I think the big story is what it has been all along - turnout, especially among Democrats. The Dems don't have a presumptive nominee yet but the GOP may be much closer to getting one. Pollsters may be scratching their heads again this morning. I haven't seen all of them or all of the results yet, but I do think Mr. Zogby has some 'splainin' to do about his final California poll - it had Sen. Obama winning there by 13 points. You can check out some of the polls here.

I think last night was a spectacular success. What's next? More great content at VVP, and maybe something special throughout Campaign 2008...

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