28 August 2007

Brad Levinson has (almost) left the building

So, Brad has decided to accept the offer he couldn't refuse at Blue State Digital. This means that I have to do something that truly disgusts me.

I have to say something nice about a Yankees fan.

So, I think it's fitting that I post this on the morning when the evil empire is a full 8 games behind the best baseball team EVAH, knowing that even if the Yankees sweep the Red Sox over the next 3 games they'll still be five back. That DOES make this a little easier.

Brad joined the company less than a year ago and has helped us build a competitive, innovative and successful social media offering. He really showed some serious initiative building the Imagine Cup Blog behind the scenes. He developed a blog research system that I think is second to none. He helped a lot of technophobes understand the value of social media tools.

We are already changing the way people inside the beltway and beyond look at blogs and social networks as drivers of policy-based discussions. In the next few months we're going to be showing some strong and innovative leadership at the nexus of business, policy, and social media.

Brad had something to do with that.

So congratulations, Brad. (and hi, Brad's mom.) Best of luck at Blue State Digital, and I'm sure we'll keep in touch.

(Yankees suck.)

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