27 August 2007

Beyond Bizlex: Global Water Resources

Tom Martin, my editor at Business Lexington, thought it might make sense to include a "global perspective" piece on water issues in the same edition as two differing perspectives on more local water issues.

One of the things I enjoy most about the column I write is the opportunity to introduce a slightly different point of view into ongoing issues-based discussions. I'm not the first person to believe that these discussions in Central Kentucky are a bit provincial, whether the topic is water, coal, casino gambling, or even higher education. Discussions tend to be framed as parties attempting to acquire or maintain as much of a finite resource as possible. In most of the discussions, that resource is money.

I'm not trying to discount or diminish the importance of that discussion. I'm not saying this type of discussion is unique to Kentucky. I'm suggesting there are always other ways to look at things. My work in social media has really helped me explore and learn about new perspectives, and I'm very grateful for that.

Here are some global sources I found online that helped shape my perspective and hopefully added something of value to the ongoing discussions.

World Water Assessment Programme
UN Water
World Water Council's "Water Crisis" Page
Technology, Health & Development's post on Global Water Week

Posting will be probably be light this week because I'll be traveling and dealing with Brad's departure. I hope to have something smart to say about Professor Nisbett's Framing Science post about media coverage of science issues, and about how Brad did some pretty cool stuff in a fairly brief stint.

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