29 August 2007

Best Blog EVAH: Technology, Health & Development

What happens when you bring academics together from different fields to talk about an important global issue?

Technology, Health and Development. From the authors:
We want to bring together public health advocates, teachers, engineers, computer scientists and business/technology experts who may not normally interact in order to combine forces. Our goal is to document solutions and exchange ideas on innovative projects in global health.
I found TH&D when I was doing some online outreach for Africa Malaria Day and put together a conference call with bloggers, academics, business leaders and government officials.

The site is an authoritative clearinghouse on global health topics that focuses on solutions and invites participation from the private sector. They've done an outstanding job recognizing the importance of the private sector in global health, and they're helping to create a constructive communications environment for businesses to discuss the things they do.

The authors have solid credibility and they aren't afraid of tackling tough issues. They've also assembled one of the best global health and development blogrolls I've ever seen.

In putting together the blog, the authors have also strengthened their positions as advocates and leaders in their fields, and more importantly, they've made the research and the work they do more accessible to a broader audience. TH&D is a great example of how people use blogs to harness the perspectives of diverse groups.

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