12 December 2011

a snapshot of the evolution discussion

It's been a really busy few weeks since we introduced the video featuring women scientists explaining why evolution should be taught in schools. More than 33,000 views, 492 likes, 19 dislikes, and 238 comments later, this is what the discussion on YouTube looks like - it's the text from the comments (minus names and dates/times) pushed through the word cloud generator at Wordle.  I don't know that we can glean much from a single word cloud, but I like to look at it. 

Further, I don't really think YouTube comments are anything more than, well, YouTube comments.  But I do think the video has had an impact - not necessarily the one I expected or intended, but an impact nonetheless. 

I'll share more thoughts on that soon.  But I really liked Jamie Vernon's presentation at Science Online New York City, and wish to associate myself with the comments of the distinguished gentleman.  I'm looking forward to the next conversation with Jamie and the rest of the team - Matt Shimpan, Andrea Kuszewski, Kevin Zelnio, and our video editor.

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