19 December 2011

Smithsonian's rebrand idea is SO four years ago.

Thea Joselow pointed this out to me.  It's a story in the Washington Post about the Smithsonian Institution's rebranding campaign. LOVE:
The sprawling institution aims to be, in the words of Secretary G. Wayne Clough, a “conversation, not a lecture.”
Thea noted this sounded familiar. So I checked to see how long I've been writing under the "It's Not a Lecture" title - about four and a half years now. For kicks, I decided to post an archive. I'm a huge fan of the Smithsonian Institution. They have some outstanding writers and bloggers (like Thea) working with them. And I'm excited that they want to be more engaging and interactive. Happy to spread the word...


Thea said...

Just confirms what we already knew - that you are awesome. And that Smithsonian should totally call me.

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