16 July 2010

Rewiring the World

This TED talk by Ethan Zuckerman is worth watching.

From his talk:
We look at the internet, we think we’re getting this wide view of the globe, we occasionally stumble on to a page in Chinese and we decide we do in fact have the greatest technology ever built to connect us to the rest of the world, and we forget that most of the time we’re checking Boston Red Sox scores.
So this a real problem – not just because the Red Sox are having a bad year – but it’s a real problem because as we’re discussing here at TED, the real problems in the world, the interesting problems to solve are global in scale and scope, they require global conversations to get to global solutions this is a problem we have to solve.

I appreciate the Sox references - pretty sure he calls Massachusetts home, at least some of the time - but the great thing about this talk is he discusses what he's doing to fix it and he asks for help.

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