12 May 2010

Stupid PR Flack Tricks

Liz Gumbinner wrote again about the morons in my business.  Seems the Cool Mom Picks team put together a comprehensive, four-month advertising proposal for a company, and the company rejected it because, you know, they'd have to pay for the ads.

I'll try to make this simple.  If they're important enough for your brand to be there, buy the damn ad.

If you think you're gonna get a halfway-decent blogger to promote your stuff for nothing more than a link or some free yogurt or something, you sound more stupid and disrespectful than the "chickens for health care" candidate.

One of these days a blogger is going to call you by name.  And once that happens, you're toast.

UPDATE:  Less than 5 minutes after this posted, I got an email from a political blogger pal of mine.  He got an email from a PR flack asking him to write about an online advertising company's new online advertising product.  For free.  And then he got a follow up "reminder" email from them.    That's right - an advertising company with such faith in its ads that it tries to avoid paying for ads.

Seriously, I can't make this stuff up.

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Mom101 said...

I think "Can't make this stuff up" needs to be one of your category names.