09 October 2009

Checking in from the wildnerness

A couple of quick thoughts today. I'm really to swamped to do much more right now. But this is my blog and I get to rant.

First, a social media savvy entrepreneur might build a pretty strong business coordinating logistics for people who are moving to a new city. I have to say I'm flabbergasted at the consistently bad experiences my wife and I (mostly my wife) have had over the past few weeks, from our realtor in Kentucky (absolutely horrendous) to the moving company (thousands in damage) to utility companies and everything else. We've called the same companies dozens of times and we At this point I'd pay a small fortune to have someone take all that stress off out hands. The biggest problem is nobody talks with anyone else. You have to start the process over every time you call to get the same problem fixed. Everything is shipped out to subcontractors and artificial barriers are set up all the time that prevent people from seeing the big picture, and all it takes is one lazy or disinterested person to slip up and the whole system breaks down.

I realize there are people with profoundly more serious problems and I'm among the most fortunate people on Earth. But SHEESH.

Second, I just think it's hard to position yourself as "pro-American" when you're cheering over Chicago losing the Olympics and complaining when the President wins the Nobel Peace Prize. There are people on television saying things like "the damage is done." I just don't know how one recovers politically from winning a Nobel Prize.

And I'm wondering why Kanye West didn't Bogart the microphone - "Listen Mr. President, I'm gonna let you finish, but Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe had one of the best years EVER..."

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Elle said...

We feel your pain. I had dreams in the weeks leading up to our move where I went to sleep in Lexington and woke up in DC with everything magically moved over!