08 May 2009

The World According To Mom: Update 11

Wikipedia says that something like 68 countries will celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday. People all over the world celebrate this day in different ways. One way to gain the perspective of moms worldwide is to simply check out the 80Clicks Delicious links page for The World According To Mom, the global mom meme started by Catherine "Her Bad Mother" Connors and supported by the editors at Global Voices Online.

This project features no bells or whistles, no marketing gloss - just mothers discussing motherhood with each other in their own words, passing a conversation on from country to country. Sometimes the simplest projects are the most authentic.

Today the project includes 274 posts from moms from or in 44 countries and written in 8 languages. Global Voices has covered the project in 5 languages. Bloggers in Greece and Argentina have joined the project since the last update. Special thanks to Jen Zingsheim, Neville Hobson and my pal Mark Story for talking about the project on the Media Bullseye podcast. Here are the latest posts I've found:

Greece: Aspa Online, sofiascomments
Argentina: El Mundo del Julie en el Mundo
USA: My Party of 6, Wonderful World of Franry, Bella Luna, Charm City Moms, i should be napping but instead i am, The Crab Chronicles, MOMSTIR, Mom Zombie, The Traveling Circus, Delhi Bound, NOVA Parenting
Australia: Sanity is for the Weak
India: Hallucinations, I, Me and Myself, Thought Raker, A Reason To Write, Tiny Little
New Zealand: Oh Waily Waily
UK: The Normal Self, filthy, funny, flawed, gorgeous
Ireland: Sassy Irish Lassie
Malaysia: Sleepless in KL

As always, everyone is welcome to participate by writing a post, tagging some friends, and letting us know you did so via comment, link or email. I hope every mom (and everyone else) will consider writing a post for Mother's Day if your country celebrates it this Sunday, or just because it's a nice thing to do.


Hillary said...

David, as always...you rock! Congrats on the success of 80Clicks.

Julie Alvarez said...

David, thank you for taking the time to read my post and to link it here!! I am happy to participate in this wonderful project. Thanks again.

Cristie said...

David, I came here a few days ago to thank you for your kind words on my post. But, I never commented because I got so wrapped up in reading yours! I am so glad I found you and your wit and wisdom. I will visit frequently! Thank you for your kind comment and than you for you!