28 April 2009

The World According To Mom: Update 8

We're making great progress and inching ever closer to 80 countries. We've blown past the first goal of 80 bloggers. Since the last update we've added Qatar, Cambodia, Denmark, Indonesia and Belgium to the list of countries. I count 206 posts from moms from or in 41 countries and representing 7 languages. I'm also aware of bloggers in two other countries who have said they plan to participate, and through the tags we're reaching into countries such as Thailand and Niger. I'm fairly certain I haven't found all the posts - "trackbacks" aren't as reliable as I'd like them to be, and I noticed some bloggers aren't linking back to Catherine so they're a bit harder to find.

I also think Catherine's original post is getting filled up so much with comments I'm thinking blogger has some issues keeping track of all the links. The people at Global Voices Online continue to demonstrate their awesomeness, reaching out to bloggers and providing coverage in many languages, all while managing very demanding day jobs. They continue to amaze me.

This continues to be a largely expat, mostly English-language phenomenon, though we're now up to 7 languages. That may be simply because of the circles these bloggers travel, it may be that language barriers are fairly substantial in the blogosphere, or it may simply be that expats are active bloggers.

Additions since the last update:

Denmark: Mads & Kelli
Indonesia: The Milk Bar
Cambodia: Forty-Two
Qatar: Starting Up
Belgium: Heaven is in Belgium
Ireland: Secret Diaries of a Wannabe Yummy Mammy
France: Peperuka
Canada: Dispatches From The Failed Mommies Club, Miss Columbina, Reflections in the Snow Covered Hills
USA: JJ Lasberg, Graceful Creative, A Simple Family, for a different kind of girl, Barriers, Bridges and Books, Baby & Mom Blog, She Laughs at the Days, Oscarelli, Homeschool Etc
Singapore: Me, My Hubby & Our Baby, aalochane
Finland: puhti, On sus
New Zealand: tiny happy, speckled egg
UK: 280 Days Later, 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Little Mummy
India: Five Senses, Everyday Life, sloc's home (our second dad), Violet
Australia: The Adventures of Deep Kick Girl Down Under
Japan: Illahee's blog
Malaysia: Sew & Stitch

As always, if you don't see your post here or at the delicious links page, or you're aware of one that isn't here, just let us know via comment or email.