28 April 2009

I may start liking Mondays

Just got back to town late last night and there's a big "World According To Mom" update coming soon. I have to show some props to my pal Mark Story for coming up with #Blogmonday (and of course, the link love). I am very pleased to be part of his inaugural step here and I'm looking forward to rumaging through the links, and I'll be offering my own suggestions.

Mark seems to be focused on the social media "blog about blogging" crowd, and that's cool. There are a lot of those. Frankly, most are crap from people who don't know the difference between a strategy and a tactic. ("Twitter" is not a strategy.)

Besides Mark, Here are four people who actually get it:

Susan Getgood
Kami Huyse
Todd Defren
Jason Falls

Go read them if you want to know what's what. I hope to have more elaborate posts on this stuff soon...

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Prof Mark said...

Thanks, pal.

Oh - and Yankees suck.