20 March 2009

Sustainable Communities

I'm back in the office and I had some ideas for posts that I haven't had a chance to get to but I did want to mention this.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is blogging about the new partnership between DoT and HUD on Sustainable Communities:
After housing costs, transportation takes the biggest bite out of the typical household budget. That's why a partnership between HUD and DOT can be so effective; we have the ability to ease the largest financial burden on many American families. We're talking about 60% of the average working American family's expenses. HUD Secretary Donovan and I can cut these costs by focusing our departments' efforts on creating affordable, sustainable communities.
It's great to see government working in a bipartisan way (LaHood is a Republican) to do something meaningful. This didn't get a ton of press - granted, there are some other newsworthy things going on - but if this is done right it's going to be a big deal.

Now I'm just wishing EPA was in on it. Make those communities sustainable from a financial AND environmental perspective.

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