18 March 2009

for bloggers, by bloggers

I'm really excited about Parent Bloggers Network's new series of free webinars that are designed to help bloggers be better bloggers. They will offer all sorts of tips about things like SEO, writing skills, photography, design, and so on. If you're a blogger who would like to get more traffic, attention, prominence, whatever - or if you're just trying to hone your craft - these are for you.

And they're posting them all to vimeo. Here's the first.

PBN Webinar Series "Building Better Blogs" - The ABCs of SEO - March 4, 2009 from Parent Bloggers Network on Vimeo.


Amanda said...

PBN is a fantastic bunch!

Julie said...

Thanks David! We're so excited about this initiative, to give bloggers tools they can use to improve their sites, along with access to recognized experts for Q&A.