03 March 2009

SEIU's "Scary Movie"

I think the social media folks at SEIU (hey there, Brad) may be on to something - one way to get your message across online is to mock your opponent for being over the top. So they're pushing out a video that highlights some of the more, umm, colorful comments from the business community on the Employee Free Choice Act:

I think they're distributing this video out rather aggressively. There's been a discussion of the legislation on the merits inside the beltway but to be candid I haven't seen a lot about it here in the Bluegrass beyond snippets of political rhetoric. Of course, the online audience that will be interested in this video probably already understands the merits of the argument. I think if this video is part of a series that includes another video that explains, in simple terms, what the legislation is and what it does for working families SEIU may be able to expand its online base a bit. They could effectively use humor in such a video.

There may already be such a video out there. If not, I think that's something else to keep Brad and his SEIU buddies busy.

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Brad said...

Hi David,

Yes - we're currently working on another video project that does exactly what you're hoping for. It's kind of a similar take to Common Craft's "RSS in Plain English," and hopes to make Employee Free Choice easily digestible.

We're also beginning to work with local bloggers to move from the "inside the beltway" crowd to "why this is important for Kentucky."

Thanks for the embed - hope you enjoyed it and even laughed a bit.