04 March 2009

David's Green Picks of the Week

More green reading this week:

Wind Power: Subsidies Are Nice, But Strong Winds Are Nicer by Keith Johnson. That's why companies like 3Tier Group (full disclosure - they're a client) are so important - they help show you where the strong wind is...

Clean Energy Quick Clicks by Maria Surma Manka. It's like David's Green Picks of the Week, only by someone named Maria with impeccable green credentials.

Small Business Wins Grant for Green Fast Food by Tina Casey. Stunning revelations about underfired charbroilers. Seriously. And I kinda like the idea of EPA helping businesses go green as opposed to, say, not. (kidding.) (sorta.)

Emerging Careers: The Exploding Solar Industry by Frank Marquardt. See, it used to be that you could only work your way out of a recession by increasing economic growth, and increased growth always meant more pollution, which caused more externalities and eventually slowed the economy again. This is why the stimulus bill is so revolutionary - "green growth" or "smart growth" or whatever you want to call it actually serves to stimulate the economy while limiting externalities. Think of it as strong coffee that wakes you up but doesn't make you jumpy after 2 cups.

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