19 February 2009

David's Green Picks of the Week

I need to catch up on this. My picks:

What the stimulus means for EcoGeeks by Yoni Levinson. A nice rundown of some of the green provisions in the rather large bill. Of course, I'll be watching the action at recovery.gov to see my tax dollars (and those of my great-grandchildren) go green.

Understanding the Gort Cloud by Preston Koerner. The "Gort Cloud" is a term coined by Richard Seireeni that describes the web of influencers that shape the decisions of green businesses. Preston is in the Gort Cloud as a "trendspotter," but frankly I just think he's cool generally.

Welcome to the New World by Charles Morand. Morand explains the "smart grid" that the stimulus package made famous and outlines some potential winning "Smart Grid Stocks." Now THAT'S change I can believe in.

Beyond Food Deserts: Mapping Racial Disparities in Access to Healthy Food
by Rhonda Winter. This is definitely an issue that deserves much greater attention. There's a dearth of supermarkets (and therefore access to healthy produce) in communities of color, but there is a network of smaller stores in many of these communities that can do the job if they get the right support.

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