25 August 2008

Who's Tweeting in Denver

The Democratic National Convention gears up today, and the liberal political bloggers have descended upon Denver. There's no doubt going to be more blog posts than any one person can read. It's a lot easier to read political snark ('cause that's what it is) in an easily-digestible 140-character tidbit.

I'm surprised that the political bloggers have been a bit slow compared to the PR folks to take up Twitter, but here are some of the people I'll be watching (pretty sure they're all in Denver) and thought you might want to as well:

Duncan Black, a.k.a. "Atrios" @atrios
Jane Hamsher, Firedoglake @janehamsher
Joe Trippi, former advisor to the Dean and Edwards campaigns @JoeTrippi
Oliver Willis - "like kryptonite to stupid" @oliverwillis
Erin Kotecki Vest, Queen of Spain @QueenofSpain

There are no doubt many folks tweeting, and I may add more that I find, but these five should give you a good flavor for what's happening.

Of course, there are twitter feeds for larger political blogs like Huffington Post and Daily Kos, but if you have an RSS feed for each blog, what they push out on Twitter is redundant.

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Cynthia Samuels said...

Following #DNC08 will bring in a ton of great tweets. The CSPAN site is great too - http://dnc08.c-span.org