26 August 2008

Who Else is Tweeting in Denver

Now that we've had a day to sift through some of the tweets, here are five more folks I'd add to my original five. Many people are using hashtags to track discussions, though not everyone is.

They're not the big-time political bloggers you'd know immediately, but they're providing some insight and snark. I think it's the latest example of how social media is expanding the conversation. First the political bloggers tried to wrest some of the control of the discussion from the beltway pundits and the "permanent ruling class" of DC. They succeeded. Now, in a very real sense, the big-time political bloggers are the new pundits, and these folks are using new tools to broaden and enhance the political discussion.

Alli Gerkman @gerkmana
Steve Rhodes @tigerbeat
Tim Poindexter @6oclockvintage
Susan Gleason @sgleason
Jill Foster @Jillfoster


@gerkmana said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the mention.

Jill Foster said...

Thanks for the motivation and mention from your post.

The DNC proved an incredible experience as a blogger and even more so as a voter. I learned a lot. Thanks again!