17 October 2007

The sincerest form of flattery, I guess

OK, I'm a big boy and I'm not accusing anyone of anything specific here, so let's get that out of the way right now. Many of the folks who read this blog work for other big PR firms. We all read a lot of the same blogs and we write about the same stuff.

But every now and then you read something that raises an eyebrow. Read the post I wrote just before this one and then read what showed up on a blog that comes from a competing firm the next day:
Read the blog. Read the blog. Read the blog. Read the blog. And did I mention, you should read the blog. And then read more of it. It is so much easier to write a blogger if you have read their blog. You'll have confidence that this blogger might want to hear from you.

Is it me? I'm not trying to be flip - I'd love some feedback here. What should I make of this?

Yeah, I checked my sitemeter stats and someone from that firm visited my blog, and cited all the "mom blogs" I linked to, but didn't mention this post. I get visits from that firm fairly regularly, and to be honest, I'm flattered because the folks at that firm have done some innovative and creative stuff.

This isn't the first time I've written something and then a while later a big PR firm writes something similar on a blog, linking to all the same stuff I did and making many of the same points. But it is the first time the verbage was close enough to raise eyebrows.

Nobody's perfect, least of all me. But I'd just like to politely remind my colleagues in other firms (and my own) that the little icon at the bottom of my sidebar is a creative commons license. And just as I extend the courtesy of citing and linking to the people in my field when they make good points - as I did in my post below - I'd hope that my colleagues in other firms would follow the same conventions of professionalism and courtesy.

That said, I hope you'll continue to read this blog and I'll certainly be reading yours. Maybe we can have a smart and transparent conversation about best practices and do what's best for everyone.


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