26 October 2007

The mother of all flip-flops

Full disclosure - I'm a Democrat, and anyone who has seen this blog or who knows me knows I'm one of those ridiculous members of Red Sox Nation who actually believes the players can hear me when I give them advice through the television set. (Yes, I saw the pickoff move before Papelbon did.) My wife has noticed the Boston accent is sneaking out a little more these days. ("That was a WICKED HAHD FASTBALL!")

I usually don't mind when someone wants to join the Nation a little late, but this is too much.

Brad - perhaps the only Yankees fan I tolerate these days - shares this news:

Rudy Guliani, the NY mayor who voiced his support for the 'Sox at a fundraiser in (where else?) Boston - has apparently made a deal with the devil.


PunditMom said...

And if he's going to flip on something as important as baseball, you KNOW he can't be trusted on policy!

mothergoosemouse said...

I'm a National League fan who naturally decided to root for the Mets upon moving to New York. So in that sense, I can understand siding with a league.


To even tacitly admit to rooting for the Sox - well, he must not value those New Yorkers votes very much after all.

SUEB0B said...

There IS no such thing as a Yankees fan who roots for the Red Sox, or vice versa. This proves Giuliani is an idjit.