07 September 2007

I may just have to put on a necktie

It's so much fun to see a person who writes about her or his interests online start to thrive and succeed. It's even more fun when that person is a great friend.

So I was psyched when I checked out Off the Cuff DC and learned that my pal Chris Hogan now has his own weekly feature at Men's Flair. He's also contributing to a men's lifestyle website called Be Better Guys.

Chris' day job isn't in fashion - it's just an interest of his, and he decided to write about it. He clearly knows his stuff. Now he's writing for other online properties and he's getting emails from top-tier publications. All because he decided to write a blog, share some knowledge (my personal favorite: "Indiana Jones had a man bag"), and network a little.

Chris and I like to go back and forth a bit with our blogs, all in good fun. Now I get to say I knew him when.

So congratulations, Chris - onward and upward!

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