29 June 2007

"A latent fear of dandyism taken to an extreme"

OK, I admit it. I'm not the best dressed guy at work. I regularly participate in meetings or give presentations wearing shorts, t-shirts, and a red sox cap.

But then, I work from home.

And I'm a guy. And I work in "new media," which is part granola-crunchy, part pocket-protector nerdy, part boyhood jock-wannabe gear. I'm not too keen on playing dress-up. However, I have clients to impress, and Chris Hogan of Off the Cuff DC tells me it's time to look the part:
Maybe it’s a latent fear of dandyism taken to an extreme. Perhaps the dot-com/casual-Friday-every-day movement, now very much on its way out of favor, left us stylistically neutered. Whatever the cause, it is now time to reclaim our place at the grown-up table of men’s clothing.

Could it be that we've pumped so much creative dynamism into developing new social media strategies that we have nothing left? Sure, I'll don a suit when I'm out and about, but what more must I do?

This will be an ongoing discussion, I promise...

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Off The Cuff said...

Hey David, thanks for commenting on my post. I just gave you a little feedback and some gentle sartorial advice. Take a look.