02 July 2007

Number 12 with a bullet

Ain't this a hoot.

Last week I name Paul Levy's Running a Hospital as my first "Best Blog EVAH," which I hope will be the first of many case studies of efficient and effective online communication I highlight here.

Then Kami Huyse, proprietor of My PR Pro and author of Communications Overtones weighs in:
Thanks to you I found Paul's blog and added him to the Heathcare100, a new blog ranking engine for healthcare-related blogs that one of my clients put together. I look forward to seeing where he ends up on the list.
Running a Hospital debuts at number 12.

So while Running a Hospital is a Best Blog EVAH, Kami is also a PR SUPAHSTAH.


Kami Huyse said...

Go Paul and go David, pretty amazing results! I guess you know a winner when you see one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you both!