08 March 2012

Who's your daddy?

Early tomorrow morning I head off to Austin for that ridiculously cool conference everyone talks about.

Of course I'm talking about Dad2.0 - you can follow along on Twitter with the #dad2summit hashtag.

I'm scheduled to be on a panel talking about connecting dads to brands. John Cave Osborne is moderating the panel, and I'm also privileged to join Catherine Connors and Alisa Volkman of Babble on the panel. A special shout-out to Julie Marsh is in order since she connected me with Doug French, the conference poo-bah.

It's great to finally feel like I have some skin in the game on the "bloggers and brands" discussion, since APCO is now partnered with Strawberry Frog, the cultural movement agency in New York City.  I could go into all of the business arguments why their digital marketing prowess is such a great fit for APCO's public affairs strengths, but since this is my blog and not APCO's site I prefer to say things like "Strawberry Frog comes slathered in awesomesauce with a side order of outstanding."

I'm also excited because I'm usually a misfit at the blog conferences I attend. While I don't write about my family life here, being a dad makes me feel a bit like I'm walking into my own community.

I know this space has been neglected of late, and I have several updates. I'm hoping things calm down soon and I have time to focus on things here.

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