18 May 2011

Welcome, Convergence...

Wired Science launched a new blog today called Convergence. It's written by Sheril Kirshenbaum, an accomplished author and researcher and someone whose career I've followed for some time now.   Here's what we can expect:
Convergence is a forum to explore all sorts of topics, but the primary focus will be the interdisciplinary nature of understanding our world. For example, if we aspire to protect biodiversity, we must address social issues. Boosting fisheries requires economics. Tackling our tremendous energy problem involves a great deal of policy. That’s what this blog is all about: people, science, decision-making, and more. It’s where seemingly unrelated fields overlap, boundaries blur, and practical solutions are sought.
Sheril is perfectly positioned to provide this valuable perspective.  She has a diverse background in policy, science, advocacy, and communications.  She's one of those "bridge figures" I talk about - someone with the potential to engage people in different communities and bring people together.  She's also committed to helping young women and girls pursue careers in science.  I'm looking forward to reading her thoughts at Wired (and in her new column at Bloomberg View) and I hope you will too. 

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Sheril said...

Thanks for the support David! I hope readers enjoy the new blog and that it will be a useful forum for discussing the interdisciplinary nature of understanding our world.