29 April 2011

Feelin' green today.

Now, for a change of pace: some green news bulletins.

Car charging stations where you need them.  Retail outlets are starting to "get it" - making it easier for people who choose electric vehicles to shop at their stores.

NASCAR.  Seriously. They're adopting a corn-based ethanol blend fuel for all their cars.  Corn-based ethanol isn't the darling of environmentalists.  For that matter, neither is NASCAR.  But baby steps toward sustainability should be noted.

Urban gardens starting to flourish. There's even a "top 5 list" for cities with urban gardens now.

Praying for rain in Texas.  Somebody needs to remind the Governor of Texas that the only acceptable time to pray for rain is when you need to re-shuffle your pitching rotation.

Enjoy your weekend....

1 comment:

Barefoot Doctoral said...

RE: Praying for rain in TX. Didn't Georgia try this a few years ago? I think they missed by a few years and a few hundred miles.... >Hangs head in shame of country<