03 March 2011

Charlie Sheen Is In On The Joke

Coming Soon to Reality TV
And right now he owns the media.

I just resurfaced from a few days offline to learn about "winning" and tiger blood and warlock assassins hired by the Pope.  And how Charlie Sheen is getting so much airtime on every big talk show and got a million followers on Twitter in a day and all that.  And how there are revolutions happening in Arab countries, Wisconsin is about to fire a bunch of teachers, initial jobless claims in the US are finally dipping below 400K per week, but none of that really matters because some actor likes to sleep with two women and say weird stuff about his boss.

Is he suffering from mental illness?  Ask someone who would know.  But this strikes me as a situation that will be settled by lawyers, not doctors.  Because somewhere right now someone is developing a plan for a Charlie Sheen reality tv show. And they're trying to figure out what, if anything, they can do to buy off CBS and get this into production.   And Charlie Sheen knows this and he's stoking his PR and he's trying to get people to use his goofy catchphrases and he's demonstrating to networks and production houses that he commands an audience.  And he's telling people to sit back and enjoy the show.

And predictably we're all buying it.  The speculation on his mental health, his family situation, his cracks about being a fighter jet.  This is what gets you noticed today.

Charlie Sheen wants to live a rockstar lifestyle, he hates his boss, and he's angling for a new gig.  That's all.

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