24 August 2010

Hello, NW CleanTech!

Welcome to the Greenosphere!
Some colleagues of mine in Seattle who work in social media and green PR decided to launch a little side project they're calling NW CleanTech.  I couldn't be happier for them.  I'll let them describe it:
The mission for NW CleanTech is simple: create an online environment to facilitate conversation between the players in cleantech – from emerging inventors to established innovators – and help strengthen industry cohesion in the Northwest.
What I like most about NW CleanTech is that it's not another green PR blog or another social media blog.  Rob Gara and Evan Scandling may know green PR, and they may know social media, but they're building an online home for people in the cleantech sector talk about the things that are most important to them.  It seems that paying huge PR firms a lot of money isn't always top of mind with cleantech execs.  (Shocking, yes, I know.)   They're looking at industry trends, venture capital demands, policy issues.

They've also decided to focus on the American Northwest, a region of the country that has made a concerted effort to be a leader in this sector. They've built a valuable map of the industry's regional footprint.  They're encouraging regional industry leaders to use the site to discuss important policy and business issues, and they've already gotten some impressive participation.

NW CleanTech also has a valuable Twitter feed and a Facebook page if you're looking for updates that fit your social media persuasion.  I've had the chance to watch Rob and Evan build this project basically from the day they thought of it, and I'm very impressed with their patience and persistence.   I hope you'll check it out - whether you live in the Northwest or not.

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