02 May 2010

I work with some smart people.

I'm getting sucked into a work vortex this week, so this space will be very quiet.  But I did want to send some shout-outs to some of my colleagues, near and far, for some of the work they're doing in social media.

First, David King and his colleagues in London have done some outstanding work using Twitter to strengthen our company's position as a top-notch political firm.  @UKelection2010 has been an outstanding resource for news and analysis as Britons head to the polls soon.  It's being noticed not simply by a lot of people, but by a lot of INFLUENTIAL people - not many twitter accounts get re-tweets from the Iraqi government.

Second, Virtual Vantage Points got a makeover of sorts and they've added a companion CR blog, Shared Purpose, led by my colleague Tara Greco.  Tara really kept VVP afloat for a long time and it's great to see she's called in some smart and savvy folks to write with her.   I'll be checking it regularly and I hope you will too...

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