19 March 2010

Bridging Brands and Bloggers

Susan Getgood asked me to participate in a webinar next month called "Bridging Brands & Bloggers." I've sung Susan's praises here before but I think she's really outdone herself this time.

The Council of PR Firms is sponsoring the webinar and Susan is representing Blog With Integrity. (I'm a member of BWI's Advisory Board.) The webinar will look at best practices in social media outreach and also examine the impact that new FTC rules have had on the industry. CPRF is really leading the way here, and I'm very pleased they've tapped Susan to lead the development of this.

What really excites me about the webinar, however, is the panel of bloggers she's lined up:

Beth Blecherman is the force behind Tech Mamas;
Michelle Madhok leads SHEfinds; and
Tim Hurst, my editor at Earth & Industry and at Ecopolitology.

It's very rare that someone brings bloggers together from three huge sectors - tech, retail, and environment - on a single panel to talk about PR, but she pulled it off. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to participate, and I hope you'll join us...

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