14 January 2010

Gonna get all nerdy and stuff

This weekend is ScienceOnline 2010 and I'm looking forward to meeting some of the more prolific and influential science writers in the world. I'm giving a brief, "Ignite" presentation in which I'll try to talk about how I think science and medical bloggers can have an impact on other online communities.

In the time I've worked in social media I've noticed that the sci/med online communities doesn't talk a lot with other online communities - particularly the community of people that makes almost all the household decisions, moms. I'm also noticing that sci/med bloggers care quite a bit about how journalists cover their research, but don't seem to talk much about how they can talk directly to the people they're trying to influence from their work.

I think we need more bridge figures - more specifically, we need more mom scientists and mom doctors who are comfortable talking in both communities.

More updates as I can post them.

1 comment:

Becca said...

I was at Scio10, and remember your Ignite talk quite well. I just wanted to say that your juxtaposition of photos of "serious scientist" (Paul Offit, if I remember correctly?) and "ridiculous mom" (Jenny McCarthy) earned some grumbling about subtle misogyny from the scientist mothers in the audience.
Maybe those bridge figures are out there, but you haven't found them yet.
I'm comfortable talking with scientists (I'm working on my PhD in molecular medicine), and comfortable talking with moms (my son is now 4 months), but after your talk I'm not sure I'm comfortable talking with the PR community.