23 December 2009

Reactions to Smokenhagen

I was going to write this long rant about failing to meet minimal expectations and agreements to consider agreeing but thought better of it - because I get to chat occasionally with some of the coolest green bloggers EVAH - Tim Hurst, Maria Surma Manka and Jeff McIntire-Strassburg - and we talked about it there and made a podcast. You can find it at Tim Hurst's Ecopolitology blog and at Earth & Industry.

Tim, by the way, is ridiculous crazy awesome. (yes, I know. Man crush.) He and I chatted a bit about speech clouds and he came up with this really cool idea to take the concept to the next level.

So we threw together a google maps mashup of speech clouds that came from COP15. We invited Solana Larsen of Global Voices Online to play along, since they put together a special section of citizen media coverage of COP15. And I opened it up for anyone to contribute anything they want to it.

This is going to shock you but most of the speeches say the time for talk is over and the time for action is now. Where have I heard that before?

Oh, and I'm heading off the grid for the holidays. Happy happy merry merry ho ho ho. See you in 2010...

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Prof Mark said...

I'm not sure what strikes me more in this post; that "man crush" is one of your tags or that you continue your "aw, shucks" humility as your personal brand rises.

Nice post and I will listen to the podcast, which sounds cool (and the tag cloud is wicked pissa).



P.S. - Yankees suck