10 December 2009

I'm coo coo for Copen-Puffs

More tasty morsels from and about the conference in Copenhagen:

US, China become frenemies. So we're all, "China really wants to pollute more and they're trying to make it look like they're cutting carbon and they're really not," and they're all, "yeah, well the US promised a boatload of cash to poor countries to fight climate change and they didn't do it." And yet you can see that look in the bureaucrats eyes that shows they really love each other but don't want anyone else to know. You know, because they keep lending us money and we keep buying their stuff.

Sarah Palin says something to get attention and the media falls for it again. I want to be respectful of the former Governor, but let's face it, that op-ed was a joke. We need serious people to work on this issue in an intellectually honest manner, and we need to be at the table for major negotiations on serious issues. This op-ed (and I'm not sure she wrote it herself) added nothing constructive to the discussion. She has every right to say it, but I don't think it was helpful.

And speaking of saying things, apparently discussion drafts are no longer fashionable. Seems some "rich" countries put some thoughts on paper in advance of the meeting, and some developing countries got mad because the thoughts helped those rich countries more than developing countries, and there's only supposed to be one idea on paper at a time. Or something. I'm sorry but I can't get too upset about this. People develop negotiating strategies in advance of negotiations all the time. On occasion those strategies will be put on paper. It doesn't mean they become the final product. (See "reform, health care.")

Global Voices makes a splash. I've been waiting for the GVO special section on Copenhagen, and it didn't disappoint. They have 4 bloggers on site - from Kenya, Brazil, Ghana, and Maldives. they're tracking the citizen media about Copenhagen - NOBODY else is doing this like they can.


PunditMom said...

First, one of the best blog post titles I've read in a long time. As for Palin, I can only believe that WaPo decided it would sell papers, news value be damned. :(

Nicole said...

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