01 December 2009

Definitely One To Watch

I'm taking a quick trip up to DC today for the PR News Awards luncheon - it will be good to see colleagues and I'm looking forward to the networking, but I'm most excited about celebrating the success and recognition of one of my cooler colleagues, John Cangany.

John has been named to a list of "15 to Watch for 2009" by PR News Magazine.

I've worked with John for a while now and it's been a privilege to watch this guy in action. The first thing you realize is he never stops. He's not one of those guys who sends you the email at 11pm just to show you he's working late - he's really too busy to care about that stuff. John works hard because he really cares about online communities and technology. It's clear that social media is a passion of his.

John's also one of those guys who just "gets it" - he knows instinctively that social media isn't about tools, it's about communities and relationships and conversations and influence. He's relentless about connecting people with ideas and issues and helping share best practices. (Hence the vid cap specifying his advice when introducing oneself to an online community.)

So bigtime kudos to John and the rest of my colleagues who will be recognized for their efforts today.

But mostly John.


Ann Marie van den Hurk, APR said...

We hear a lot about the "Social Media Douchebags" and not enough about professionals who are sharing their knowledge in a positive, passionate, and responsible way. Thank you for highlighting your friend and peer.

john cangany said...

hey, i know that guy! thanks for the shout out. i didn't even see this until today. for those of you who haven't met david yet, he's as charming in real life as he is on the internets.