08 December 2009

Copen-fest 2K9

Some significant developments in environmental policy, as our enviro-elites meet in Denmark:

The "endangerment finding." The US EPA has all the authority it needs to move on regulating carbon. It just needs to come to the conclusion that carbon emissions constitute a danger to public health, which it did this week. Frankly I think this is really just another facet of the Administration's stimulus package - more corporate lawyers are going to be paid thanks to this single decision than pretty much anything else EPA does... ;)

File under, "duh." The earth is warming. This decade will likely be the warmest on record, and 2009 is shaping up to be the 5th most warm year. Brought to you by the World Meteorological Society.

Bangladesh goes Oliver Twist
. When it comes to funding to fight climate change, The Bangladeshi government says, "please sir, I want some more." As in 15 percent of any fund that is created to fight climate change. While most American's can't find Bangladesh on a map, Think about 20 million people displaced if the oceans rise by one meter. That's more than the entire population of Florida.

Gordon Brown talks tough. The British Prime Minister wants the EU to strengthen its carbon reduction goals. No surprise here. Politically he's on the ropes back home and he needs to look strong on this issue. Of course, it's easy to talk tough when you're calling for things beyond your control...

more updates as warranted.

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