23 October 2009

What's Really Important?

I do a lot of work with bloggers, and it's safe to say the majority of bloggers I work with are moms. The bloggers I like working with most are relentlessly entrepreneurial, and exceptionally creative. They bring a passionate positivity to their work. Many of them are fearless - they share an enormous amount of their personal lives online. I think it's almost therapeutic for them.

I've been going through a fairly tumultuous time - selling a house, living in someone else's house for a few weeks, moving a few hundred miles into a new house, and trying to hold down a demanding full-time job. It's been hard watching my wife do the lion's share of the work associated with the move (not to mention the family) while I'm traveling or sitting on a conference call. There hasn't been much sleep.

But then I saw this and it put things in perspective.

I work a lot with Kristen Chase, mostly for the reasons I listed above, but also because when I work with her and with Julie Marsh (who served in the Air Force as well) I look good to my bosses. She's juggling her job, her other job, her other other job, promoting her sassy new book (which you should definitely buy), traveling all over the place, taking care of three young kids, essentially by herself. And she's trying to explain to her kids that Daddy is on the other side of the world, and he's going to be there for a while, but he's very brave and he misses you very much.

The simple fact is there are moms (and dads) all across America telling similar stories to their own kids. And I can't begin to imagine what they feel when they hear the ridiculous discussions on TV or the radio or the blogosphere about what's happening over there. I can't imagine how resentful they must feel when politicians and radio and cable talk show hosts on either side of the ideological spectrum use what's happening over there as a gimmick to get attention or further a personal agenda.

But I'm guessing they're shouldering the burden much in the same way Kristen is.

Our troops deserve our unyielding and long-lasting thanks for the sacrifices they endure. So do their families.

Yes, Daddy IS very brave. And we're all hoping he comes home soon, and comes home safe.

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Anonymous said...

You are just delightful. You keep driving me toward more and more women that I should know. AND you remind me (on Friday night when I may just be a wee bit tired of my husband's work hours) that there are women out there who shoulder way more than I ever will and for no other reason I should stop whining about my rather charmed life.
Thank you and thanks to your wife for keeping you all together during a move so that you can continue to write and inspire (oh yeah and do your other job.
Cheers to you and to all the astounding women you tell me about!